Problem: Performing an Emergency Reload on Your Shotgun
  • Requires Fine Motor Skills!
  • Shooters Lose Situational Awareness!
  • Shooters Lose Focus on What is Going On Downrange!
  • Easy to Drop Needed Shell!

Solution: Using the Pred Defender's Patented Quick Reload Design

  • Shooter uses Gross Motor Skills!
  • One Quick Swipe and New Shell is in the Chamber!
  • Shooter Can Focus on Threat, No Loss of Situational Awareness!
  • Minimizes Dropping of Needed Shells!
  • Supports Either 2 3/4" or 3" Shotgun Shells!

The Pred Defender easily mounts onto your Remington 870 shotgun with no modifications required! All hardware and instructions come with each purchase!


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